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October 21, 2020
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Classic Pieces Your Closet Can't Live Without

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As a woman with impeccable taste, you undoubtedly have a closet full of beautiful clothes; however, there are essential pieces that no classy lady should be without. If you can't get them all at once, piece this wardrobe together one garment at a time. The next time you get an invitation to that special event, you'll be glad you did.

Black Pants: A flattering pair of sleek black trousers not only outlives any trend that will come and go; it is a pair of pants that will work for any occasion. Whether you're having lunch with a colleague, attending your child's school play or meeting with the PTO, well made black pants are a suitable wardrobe solution. Both professional and casual, they can be dressed up or down.

The Black Pump: This classic leather pump has also held it's own regardless of any trend. Like the black pants, they can be dressed up or down and worn with trousers or skirt; if you really feel like living on the wild side, slide these on with your favorite pair of jeans -- nothing drives a man crazy like a heel with denim. In the end, whether you choose a plain pair or one with a subtle embellishment, a pair of black pumps will add class and polish to any outfit you choose.

A Cashmere Wrap: No matter how you slice it, cashmere is luxurious. No matter the occasion, if you want just a little extra warmth, wrap it around yourself and be instantly happy. Understated and sophisticated, a cashmere wrap oozes style and class.

A Small Clutch: No matter where you go, you need a purse. Your everyday handbag can seem overwhelming and large, no matter how expensive, when you're staring at your sweetie across a candlelit table. Instead, opt for a small clutch that will hold just the essentials like cell phone, lipstick, keys and some cash. Some will come with a strap that is either removable or a tuck-away, leaving you with the option to make it a wristlet if you're trying to enjoy a martini while standing in crowd.

A Little Black Dress: This number says chic without even uttering a word. Whether it is ultra formal or very simple, it will always be sophisticated in its style simply because you can change the entire look with just your accessories. For eons, women have shopped for the perfect one whether it is a V neck, full skirt or a more fitted look you're after; if you find it, take good care of it. You'll likely be taking it out time and time again!

A Dark Colored Suit: I know, I know. Suits aren't much fun. But sometimes the occasion calls for it, and when it does, you need to be ready. A dark colored suit is a fail-safe in today's society. When you arrive in a well fitted jacket and skirt, you look polished and professional, ready to take on anyone. Invest in the best that you can afford as this will serve many uses over many years. Even if you don't always choose to wear the jacket and skirt together, you can wear them as separates.

Trends come and go as quickly as some of today's so-called celebrities. If you want your wardrobe to stand the test of time, invest your money wisely and pick up classic pieces that you can wear, time and time again.


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