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October 13, 2020
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Choose the right boots this winter

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When it comes to buying new clothes or footwear it's probably fair to say that the toss up between function and fashion is one that many people struggle with. There's no doubt that virtually everyone is partial to something that is aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time reasoning that a practical buy is a far more sensible purchase.

And it seems that this choice between practicality and fashion is one that is ripe when it comes to footwear. Many people choose fashionable footwear and although this might be aesthetically pleasing and suitable for a night out, the truth is when it comes to outdoors you should really have appropriate shoes, otherwise you run the risk of damaging your feet.

Unlike when you shop for regular shoes, shopping for boots is a process that requires a little more thought and consideration. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account including the fit, durability and the material of the boots. Failing to find a pair of boots that fill the criteria could easily leave you with blisters on your feet or even some potentially long term feet problems.

If you're buying boots with the intention of going on long walks or hikes then it is essential that you find a pair that are comfortable, as feet problems that arise when you are miles away from civilisation can quickly progress into something worse if you have to keep walking.

Even when you've bought a pair of boots that you think are good to go it is always worth just wearing them around the house for a few days to make sure that they don't cause any problems - and if they do then most retailers will take them back provided you haven't been outside in them. Ultimately when you make your decision about what boots to buy you should have taken into consideration your specific needs. This means thinking about exactly what you're going to use them for, for instance for someone who frequently treks across terrain that is quite difficult to manoeuvre then heavy boots might not be as suitable as a lighter alternative. However, by choosing an alternative you might end up with a less durable shoe or one that doesn't protect you from ankle-high puddles, which are quite likely to be found in the UK.

Having fully waterproof footwear during those winter months is essential really, regardless of whether you plan on hiking in the countryside or not. The most reliable waterproof boots are generally made from Gore-Tex, this material has a reputation for its water resistant qualities and durability.


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