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April 30, 2020
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Creating a Friendly Home For Your Family

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Just because you have toddlers in your home doesn't mean you need to be without your favorite knick-knacks or collectibles. There are ways to have both living harmoniously together. If you have breakables, like glass or porcelain, you just need to rearrange them. Place them higher up on the shelf or on top of a piano where they are out of reach of little hands. Fill your lower shelves with unbreakable items like baskets, metal or wooden collectibles. Toddler-height surfaces like coffee or side tables should hold items you don't mind your toddler handling.

Your toddler's bedroom should hold soft toys and books on low shelves easily within your child's reach. Place picture frames and any keepsakes that are breakable on top shelves out of reach. Tall furniture pieces that may easily tip over should be securely attached to the wall to prevent it from toppling over.

A child's room is the perfect place to display favorite photos in whimsical picture frames or in picture frames that carry out the theme for your toddler's room, like butterflies, flowers, cars or animals.

Rooms That Grow With Your Child

With just a few simple changes you can turn that cute baby room into a room more suited to a growing child.

*If you have the style of changing table that sits on top of a dresser, you can remove the changing table and keep the now "grown-up" dresser.

* Baby fabrics and patterns are easy to replace as your child grows. Let your child choose how they want their room decorated. Boys may like cars and trucks or dinosaurs while girls may prefer flowers and butterflies. If you keep within a general color scheme, you won't need to repaint the walls. Or, paint the walls a neutral color so that whatever color scheme your child chooses as he or she grows won't require re-painting the walls.

* If you wallpapered the room for your baby, remove it and either replace it with a vinyl washable paper or paint the walls to complement the fabric colors in the room.

* When your child outgrows those large baby toys that take up so much floor space, you can remove them and add a small sturdy table and chair set. Your child will have their own place to color, play games, have a snack or host a tea party. Every child needs a place of their own where they can play quietly by themselves or share with a friend.

Storage Options

Does it seem as though with the size of your family there is never enough storage space, especially in your child's room? Keeping a child's room neat and tidy requires storage space. An easy option to tidy up their closet is to store out of season clothing in storage bins with tight fitting lids. You can place the bins out of sight, but still within easy reach, on the top shelf of their closet.

No matter where your children play - their room or another area of the house - you can provide storage space for their toys to keep the room less cluttered. Consider open shelving for books and a closed storage cabinet for their toys. The cabinet could have either sliding doors or drawers that are easy for a child to open. Toy boxes can be great places to store stuffed animals and other toys, but be sure the lid is secured when open and won't slam down on tiny fingers or heads.

There are storage cabinets available that will fit inside a closet out of sight, and there are storage cabinets available that will blend with your home's dcor. You can have a family friendly environment without losing your decorator touch.


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