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September 29, 2020
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Bedroom Bench - Where You Can Use One

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While you may have only heard of beds and possibly a vanity chair in a bedroom there is another seating furniture option that deserves consideration, a bedroom bench

Bedroom benches go especially well in large bedrooms. Placed at the end of the bed a bedroom bench affords a place to take a seat as you put on the final pieces of your outfit - pantyhose, socks, shoes, etc. It can also make a great valet. If you are the first one up in the morning, to go to work, how many days of the week do you wake your spouse as you fumble around in the room trying to pull together all the things you need for your outfit? You could allow the love of your life to continue a serene slumber if you were to just use the bedroom bench as a valet and set your whole outfit out the night before. You could scoop all the pieces up when you wake up, get dressed in the bathroom, and be on your way.

Another way to use a bedroom bench is as a way to show things off or watch a show. Against a wall, a bedroom bench can be a low-slung space for putting books or even collectibles that you want to show off. You could also double it up as an entertainment area with a TV or stereo in the middle and display other items on the sides.

A bedroom bench isn't just for a parent's bedroom, but can also make its way into the kid's rooms. In a boy's room you can go with a sports team and make a major league look for the room.
Put in a couple of faux lockers, or real ones if you want a little extra storage space, and then put the bedroom bench in between. This will be a great place for you to put their clothes, after they've been washed, to remind them to put them away. For a little girl's room you can create a horse ranch theme with pictures of horses on the wall, faux fencing, and a bench for her to sit on while she imagines owning a horse of her own.

When buying a bedroom bench, you need to look for quality. You don't want a piece of furniture that you or your children will be sitting on to be weak and give out on them. While you may like the idea of saving a few dollars, you still want to avoid going to the discount store and buying a build-it-yourself bench. You want something that is stronger and more reliable if you are going to trust them to hold your family and keep everyone from getting hurt. Additionally, if you use a lower quality bench and have items like an entertainment center sitting on them, they will sag over time. Cheaper pieces are just not made to be able to handle the workout that you may want to put them through.


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