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April 1, 2020
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Are There Any Underground Dance Studios In Your Area?

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There are many dance studios that you can go to learn dance. Every one's heard of the best and mainstream ones where all the top dancers, choreographers and pop superstars go. But in many large cities there are a number of underground dance studios quietly doing their business with very high standards of dancers.

So how can you find out about these dance studios that not many people have heard about? Well for the most part you find out about them by getting involved in the dance industry and making friends with other dancers. Many times you'll find out about them by going to the popular dance studios and meeting other dancers there who also go to these underground dance studios.

A lot of these underground dance studios will specialise in only a handful of dance studios which is not surprising since they are not mainstream. Since forever bboys and bgirls have had meetups where they just find an area where they can practise.

There are lots of these underground dance studios that specialise in hip hop or locking and popping. Especially in the inner cities, where people are just doing their own thing.

Usually the more you get involved in a particular community the more you'll find about these places that dancers go to practise. Many times they'll have teachers there who are teaching dance classes. Sometimes you can find out about them just by participating in online forums or hanging out with people who are heavily involved in the scene.

A lot of the time these underground places will be cheaper than the mainstream studios and you can get into some good dance classes for a lot cheaper.

You'll frequently find that these underground dance studios are the places that many dance companies or dance troupes might go for their dance rehearsals and the studios are not as expensive to hire. If you know anyone in a dance crew it's also worth asking where they practise as it may an underground place that a lot of people go to.

Also don't feel that it's the end of the world if you can't find an underground dance studio. There are plenty of dance studios and opportunities where you can learn many dance styles.

Underground dance studios are not necessarily any better, sometimes they are better, sometimes their standard is worse or just less polished. It's usually a different crowd and different scene from the other dance studios, if it's your scene most likely you will find out about it in time.


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