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March 20, 2020
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Are Kids School Uniforms Helpful?

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Having the experience of both private school and public school gives you a fairly balanced view of both experiences. Not surprisingly each of the educational systems have their good parts and their bad parts. What those specific good parts and bad parts are will likely vary wildly from situation to situation but some will likely remain consistent throughout. While the education at the public school seemed to more effectively challenge me and in the end teach me more, I wondered whether students that were less inclined towards good grades would have fared better with the extra guidance offered by private school. The freedom of a public school allowed many children to meet different kinds of kids and develop a different set of social skills, however I found it very difficult to find myself in any group once in public school since my long established social connections were far behind me in a different place and time.

Of course when you are a person who enjoyed the "luxury" of a private school and the easy enrolement of a public school many people will always come back to the same large question. What, if any, affect did girls and boys school uniforms have on your education, development and general temperament while in school?

For my money all schooling would do well to incorporate some form of kids school uniforms into their plan for better education. Early on for most children clothing is barely a distraction from their general day to day needs of playing and trying to not be confused. As they get older though children become hyper obsessed with looks and clothing and what those things say about a given classmate. Before you know it your parents' decision to buy you New Balance sneakers instead of Nikes has you on the outside of every social group in your school. Suddenly concentration becomes exponentially more difficult as students pick on and bully you for the shirt you chose to wear on some idle Tuesday. Before all is said and done you sit awake at night and feel dread about how kids will react to your every clothing decision.

Obviously kids school uniforms are not likely to end bullying entirely and there is something to be said for individual style in a child's development. That said, school uniforms for girls and boys is a great option for parents who can afford the institutions that require such things. These uniforms will start your child off at the very least from the same consistent baseline of achievement and ability that everyone else in the school has. Being unencumbered by clothing choice can in it's own way be weirdly freeing for a kid.


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