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March 9, 2020
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A Princess's Delight: Girls Ballerina Tutu

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What little girl is not completely entranced by the idea of being a princess? It is hard not to be, with the focus in the media, both books and movies, on stories that end with "Happily Ever After" and feature beautiful princesses and handsome princes. One costume that is sure to make your daughter feel just like the star of her favorite show is a feminine and frilly girls ballerina costume.

A delicate shade of light pink is the usual color for a ballerina outfit. The sleeves are normally very short or it is sleeveless and the bodice is very fitted, composed of a stretchy Lycra material. The main centerpiece of the outfit is the tutu, a wide, circular, puffy ring of tulle that surrounds the waist and usually matches the rest of the outfit.

Although the one described above is the most easily recognizable ballerina outfit, these costumes can range in color and style. There are tutus available in light blue, bright red, and even gold and yellow. The bodice can have long sleeves and the necklines might vary slightly as well.

Variety can be found within the short-sleeve versions also. Cap sleeves might be available, which are short sleeves that are a little bit shorter than regular short sleeves and have a piece of elastic surrounding the end that makes them a drop tighter. Frills, puffs, and decorations can also be found adorning the sleeves.

For the sleeveless variety, you might find costumes with a wide strap or simply a thin spaghetti-type strap.

Some ballerina outfits are almost blinding with row after row of hand-sewn sequins and some are decorated with beautiful flowers. The tulle that makes up the tutu can be made of a different number of layers, sometimes only one and sometimes as many as four. The two factors that cannot be changed are the tight bodice area and the wide tutu around the waist. These are the two things that make up a true ballerina costume.

These costumes also will have nothing covering the legs, similar to a girl's bathing suit.

Wearing one of these beautiful costumes will surely inspire your daughter to feel just like a real ballerina herself. The costume looks so true-to-form that she will also want to dance and act gracefully, like she has seen others do on stage.

Girl's ballerina costumes are available with some fun accessories, as well. Your daughter might want to wear a crown on top, to complete the princess feeling. You might also find them with a matching staff, as a prop for dancing and singing. These adorable costumes are sure to rack in the compliments.


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